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Batman No. 210 Cover: Novick or Adams?

As can happen, one artist draws a cover, and the editor chooses to have it redrawn by another artist. Case in point the cover for DC’s Batman 210 in March 1969. The layout had been done by Carmine Infantino and passed on to Irv Novick. His was rejected and Neal Adams redrew it. What do you have to say about that?

Fantastic Voyage Posters and Wallpapers

Fantastic Voyage was released in 1966. Well-written, imaginative and with a good cast, it was one of the better science fiction films of the 60s. It’s one of those films that’s still fun to watch, and also one of the few remakes I’d like to see done because it begs for today’s special effects. Here are some updated pieces to help promote it.

The Original Star-Lord Covers

The original version of Star-Lord was darker and more complex than the current version. Great cover art by top illustrators of the day. New cover design by Scott Dutton/Catspaw Dynamics, Edmonton.