Super Powers No. 2 Cover by Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby was the King of American comic books. And thankfully, examples of his pencilled work are still out there for us to enjoy and work with. Ink and colour by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics.

Green Lantern No. 71 Cover by Gil Kane

A simple and powerful composition by artist Gil Kane for this issue cover dated September 1969. Kane’s cover design abilities were advancing steadily and would serve him well when he moved over to Marvel in the coming years.

Green Lantern No. 104 Cover by Mike Grell

From Aquaman to Batman to the Legion of Super-Heroes to his own The Warlord, Mike Grell led the revitalisation of this DC character: Green Lantern – which drove GL’s upgrade from back-up feature in The Flash to reclaim his own title with No. 90.

Ravenhill Website Development

Clarity of information is aided by simplicity in design. A straightforward site for a personable insurance agency that knows the value of the relationships they create with their clientele.

Battleship – The Game

Battleship is a game that dates from the First World War. Over the years, it’s gone through different versions. The best are simple.

Batman No. 210 Cover: Novick or Adams?

As can happen, one artist draws a cover, and the editor chooses to have it redrawn by another artist. Case in point the cover for DC’s Batman 210 in March 1969. The layout had been done by Carmine Infantino and passed on to Irv Novick. His was rejected and Neal Adams redrew it. What do you have to say about that?