Ornament eBook

This one came to me with the design language set by Liz Boyer of Chalk. I completed the book layout and then converted it to ePUB and KF8/MOBI ebooks in a short turnaround to be ready for the Christmas market. I’m told it peaked at #14 on iTunes in the Biography & Memoirs category.

The Amazing Spider-Man No. 701 Cover by Steve Ditko

The Amazing Spider-Man was cancelled after issue No. 700. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t picked up the book since the 70s. Black costumes, clones, brand new days and all the rest just seemed like something I wanted to avoid. But you can’t ignore Spider-Man. C’mon. He’s SPIDER-MAN. And there were a lot of great issues […]

The Ghosts of Evils Past

Originally slated for the first issue of The Charlton Arrow No. 1, this story collects the Charlton Comics Action Heroes in a team-up story written by Paul Kupperberg. Art, lettering and colours by Scott Dutton.

Great. Cheap. Fast.

This graphic has served as my mantra for a number of years. While this version of the quality triangle is tailored specifically to designers, it speaks to the inherent value in any work and the people who do it. Understanding this makes for solid, equitable business relationships. If one side or the other ignores it, […]

A Guide to Understanding the Introverted by Schroeder Veidt

In many ways, I wish I had understood this about myself when I was younger. Not saying I would have made different career choices, but the self awareness would have been valuable. It’s unfortunate that much of the business world is focussed on valuing and rewarding extroversion. The way I see it, the business world […]