The Lady in the Lake by Raymond Chandler

This is the third, and probably final, post about Tom Adams’ paintings for the works of Raymond Chandler. Below is how The Lady in the Lake appeared when published. Adams left a quiet space at the top of each composition for the title and byline, and in those days that was all that was needed […]

The Great Detectives by Julian Symons & Tom Adams

This is a follow-up to my previous post on Tom Adams’ covers for the works of Raymond Chandler. Approximately 10 years after the covers, Adams’ teamed up with crime novelist Julian Symons on The Great Detectives in 1981. The book was written as a “Whatever Happened to…” for famous fictional detectives. For Philip Marlowe, Symons […]

Batman : The Brave & The Bold

If you want to have a whole lot of fun packed into 30 minutes or less, watch an episode of the new Batman: The Brave & the Bold TV series on Cartoon Network in the U.S. and Teletoon in Canada. You also might find it, *ahem*, on the net while we await a DVD package. […]

James Bond : The 1960s Pan Covers and Raymond Hawkey

This stunning series of James Bond covers were the paperback presence of Ian Fleming’s character during the height of its fame in the 1960s and the Sean Connery films. There were millions of copies printed so that by the time I started collecting in the late 70s/early 80s, these were still the most-common editions to […]

Raymond Chandler Covers by Tom Adams

Tom Adams is one of the most accomplished cover artists of the past 50 years. He’s better known for his long-running series of Agatha Christie book covers, but my favourites are the ones he did for the works of Raymond Chandler. These were the 1971 series of paperbacks from Ballantine Books. If Vintage Books (the […]

What Would Zig Ziglar Do?

For this short article in Alberta Venture on the effect famous businesspeople have in Alberta, I drew upon the idea of spheres of influence, and more directly the orbits of planets and comets. We’re all in the same system exerting forces on each other.

Edmonton : Day Four

Friday was a much quieter day, mostly due to the fact that the cleaning and minor repairs are winding down. And let’s face it, I’m tired, so I wasn’t moving as fast as I have been. The Shaw guy showed up on time. No hookup fee. Friendly service. Now that’s a well-run company. After a […]

Edmonton : Day Three

With the bedroom and storage closet scrubbed out, I was able to start moving boxes from the completely packed living room to different places. The movers say it’s like playing Tetris. They’re absolutely right, and I’ve always loathed Tetris, so the experience is at least a consistent one. By the time night fell, I had […]

Edmonton : Day Two

If you have any love for me at all, you will never, ever ask me about the bathroom floor and the two Mr. Clean Magic Erasers it took to resuscitate it. I didn’t gag, but at least I’ve put the thought in your mind and you can now effectively simulate the mental state I was […]

Edmonton : Day One

I have made it to Edmonton in one piece. The drive was uneventful once I crossed into Alberta proper (less congestion of old people with nothing better to do in motor homes). At one point on Highway 93 from Lake Louise to the Saskatchewan River Crossing cutoff I was behind a wagon train of eight […]


As I’m about to leave my position as art director of June-Warren, putting together a package of Oilweek seems appropriate. I’ve gathered my work on JWP’s other publications in previous posts.

Oil & Gas Inquirer

The newsiest of all June-Warren’s magazines, OGI is aimed at the guys in the field and service & supply companies. It also uses the most literal imagery, which presents a challenge when you’re trying to create compelling covers.

DesignThinkers 2007

Toronto Probably will be a different experience than my last trip to the city in 1976. My legs were shorter then and the walk from the CN Tower to Casa Loma to the hotel was murder. But it was Dad who got freaked out as we went up the elevator in the Tower. Hadn’t been […]

Oilsands Review

While Alberta’s oilsands/tarsands are controversial, in most ways June-Warren’s OSR is the most progressive of their oil & gas magazines. That’s primarily due to its editor Deborah Jaremko being open and receptive to design thinking. As a result, we were able to express ideas in a fresh way.

Alberta Construction Magazine

A non-oil & gas title from June-Warren, ACM provides a bit of content variety. As with the other JWP titles, I mostly art direct the designers on the interiors while designing the covers myself. Hopefully, we’ll get on the logo re-design soon.

Cyclic Steam Stimulation

Technical concepts can be a bit dry for general audiences. So I often try to look at images like the one on the right and extract what are the most visually interesting elements. This one became a cover for Oilsands Review.

Craftint or Duoshade Shading in Photoshop

Craftint doubletone paper (DuoShade is another brand) is one of those things an ink illustrator had in their toolbox before the advent of the digital toolset or even rubdown tone systems like Zip-a-Tone. It wasn’t cheap and it gradually fell out of use. Howard Chaykin uses it quite often, though he prefers the graphite/charcoal pattern […]

Defending Skartaris

If you blinked, relatively speaking, you probably missed it. Beginning in February 2006 with an April cover date, DC revived The Warlord. This time around the book lasted 10 issues. (The original had 133 and went through a number of ups and downs during the run.) Written by Bruce Jones, the new series was a […]

Science Fiction Pulps

I recently attended ConVersion here in Calgary and found a fellow selling old SF pulps in great condition. The oldest, from 1939, is from an era before we had the photo quality we get now from probes and imaging systems. So the depiction of a Jupiter-like planet and the cast shadow across the rings really […]

The Mafia Cookbook

This was quite a fun project and I handled the book’s design and layout as well as these pen and ink illustrations. Combining the images with vintage typewriter faces and the author’s gangster film-inspired writing style, we had something very different than your typical pretty-picture cookbook.

Digital Learning Logos

While we developed the Digital Learning master brand and the two sub-brands of eTrain and eVersity, development began with the eTrain concept. Not the iron locomotive of the frontier, but the art deco streamlined version that is one of the symbols of progress. As previously stated, this symbolises technology and strength without being stereotypical in […]

Suwala Logo Design

Paula Suwala, interior designer, needed an identity for her business. It was interesting to think about the creation of interior spaces, and how that could be portrayed simply and stylishly.

Amazing Stories POP Items

After producing a number of infographics and book layouts for Calgary-based Altitude Publishing’s Amazing Stories line, I was asked to help out with some fine tuning of their logomark and creation of point-of-purchase items.

AlbertaViews Magazine

It’s been an interesting couple of years working at the magazine. I’m moving on to finish off that degree I left behind in the late 80s. Here’s some of my favourite stuff.

Good-Bye to a Friend

It hasn’t been a good day. The terrorist attacks on New York and Washington will certainly alter the way we look at the world and the way the world looks at us, and we can only guess at the long-term effects on us and our neighbours south of the border. In my own life, I […]


The EMS in Slave Lake liked that Calgary’s service had done fridge magnets, so they gave me a picture of their bus, and a photocopy of Calgary’s magnet for reference, and I came back with this.

Propak Control Panel

In hindsight, it was probably overkill to create a full rendering for the user manual. A good sketch probably would have done the trick. The older printer needed a guide, and with the machine being vintage at this point, we cobbled our notes together on using it and I put it in document form.

Olympus Trip 35

Here’s a set of images created for a homemade camera manual. The first set is from the manual. The second was to render the images more realistically.