Encouragement vs. Discouragement

A cartoon from Kevin Smith and Gavin Aung Than

A Kevin Smith quote was brought to life by cartoonist Gavin Aung Than. It’s a powerful message on being creative and what it takes to succeed. Click through below to the cartoon and then you’ll be ready for my own thoughts on the topic.

Advanced WP File Manager : Hiding .tmb Directories

Fix for the WordPress plugin

If you’re using the Advanced WP File Manager 2.x WordPress plugin from RedHawk Studio (available through Code Canyon) you may have found .tmb directories showing up. This can be confusing to you and your clients.

Great. Cheap. Fast.

There are limits to your resources

This graphic has served as my mantra for a number of years. While this version of the quality triangle is tailored specifically to designers, it speaks to the inherent value in any work and the people who do it. Understanding this makes for solid, equitable business relationships. If one side or the other ignores it, that’s a warning sign.

A Guide to Understanding the Introverted

Hello World, I’ll be over here

In many ways, I wish I had understood this about myself when I was younger. Not saying I would have made different career choices, but the self awareness would have been valuable. It’s unfortunate that much of the business world is focussed on valuing and rewarding extroversion. The way I see it, the business world needs its thinkers in the back rooms as much as it needs the shining stars.

Finding Forrester : The Press Kit

I had never seen a press kit for a feature film before and I came across this one for Finding Forrester, one of Sean Connery’s best of his later period. Produced in 2000, it was a few years before these things went digital. It included a package of stories about the film, black & white 8×10 photos and colour slides.

I’ve packaged it here, adding the theatrical trailer and a few screencaps from the DVD release to fill in areas the stills didn’t cover. Hopefully, they’ll release it on Blu-Ray sometime soon.

Don’t You Have to Be in the Room to Take My Pulse?

I had thought about getting a digital photo frame, but had been kind of on the fence because I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of plugging it into the computer or sticking a flash drive into it to upload photos to it.

So when Kodak recently released the Pulse digital frame with WiFi I thought that was pretty cool. It’s about the same price as other good quality frames and I picked one up. The image quality and feature set are good. The software is intuitive. It looks nice and I had visions of putting it in the living room while sending photos to it from the office/studio a couple of walls away.

Perfection Ain’t Perfect (or The Scourge of Hyphens)

I was in the Sony Store in the mall, looking for replacement rubber tips for my in-ear headphones. While the guy went in the back to retrieve this low-demand, low-cost-but-easy-to-steal item, I watched a bit of Iron Man in high-def Blu-Ray on a big Bravia.

Look Out

I’ve never had much use for religion. My parents were not religious. It wasn’t that we were atheists. We had some sort of generalised belief that there was something more than this. It just seemed wrong to deny that there was more than the life we have. Like we would be eliminating the idea of possibilities. Even so, I am still a person raised in the West, and Judæo-Christian framing is part of my world view, if only because it has been the one I’ve been most often exposed to.

The United Nations and Human Rights

As designers, we spend so much time focussed on our clients’ needs – providing service – that we can sometimes overlook the outlet for our own expression as communicators.

The past few years have been pretty tumultuous socially, politically and economically. And as things have gotten worse, we see our leaders taking us down a path that appears to be erasing the rights and freedoms so many that came before us fought and died for.

He Ain’t Eight-and-a-Half by Eleven, He’s My Brother

It’s been a time of reassessing my creative work, brought on by a change of the company back at the end of September 2009. In some ways it’s meant jettisoning some things that have been gathering dust on my shelves for many years. In others, it’s meant investing in some new tools.

Case in point, I do comic book work sometimes, and I still draw 10″x15″ ink artwork on 11″x17″ pieces of bristol. Scanning that on a standard letter-sized scanner (like my Epson Perfection 4870 Photo), as good a scan as that is, means making two to three scans of each page and then stitching them together in Photoshop. It’s a big pain.

Before I go any further, I’ll say that I’ve received no consideration for my remarks, and have no relationship with these brands other than buying them. My workflow is Mac based.