Catman by John Dixon

Much like Captain Marvel became Marvelman and later Miracleman in the UK in the post-Second World War period, Catman was originally an American character who was later reenvisioned as an Australian character by Frew Publications. After an initial series illustrated by Jeff Wilkinson appeared in Super Yank Comics in 1951/52, Frew recruited John Dixon to create a new solo Catman comic book. Dixon produced 12 issues of Catman in 1958/59, and those issues were reprinted in the mid 1960s, riding a wave of super hero popularity because of the live-action Batman 1966 TV series.

Dixon’s work still stands up and has a flavour unique from the character’s American roots. Here’s a small sample from the comic, and some colour work of my own to accompany it.

Catman 23 by John Dixon

One of the 1960s reprints of John Dixon’s run on Catman.

Art restoration by Scott Dutton

Scan found on the web. Page squared up and minor retouching. While the covers were printed in colour, the stories have always been printed in black & white.

Colouring by Scott Dutton

Catman in colour.

The Secret of the Swamp by John Dixon

For a new cover, the highlighted pieces were chosen from another story page to create an image.

Art restoration by Scott Dutton

Composite art.

Vector art by Scott Dutton

New vector elements created.

Colouring by Scott Dutton

Final colour.

Catman is © and TM by Frew Publications. If you’d like Frew to reprint Catman in colour, write them and point them to this post.

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Scott Dutton

Scott Dutton is an art director, designer and illustrator whose career bridges digital and print in marketing, branding and publishing
  1. OzMan left a comment on September 8, 2014 at 11:54 pm

    Please do the whole book.

    • Scott Dutton left a comment on September 9, 2014 at 2:08 am

      Hi OzMan –

      Thanks for your comment and your interest. While I would love to do the whole book, that’s more time than I can give to something which doesn’t pay.

      The only way it can happen is if enough people contact Frew and tell them they’d like to see the series reprinted in colour. If the request is successful either I or someone else will be hired to do the work.

      Here’s the contact form on Frew’s site. Please point them to this page as an example of what could be done.

      Take care –


      • OzMan left a comment on September 10, 2014 at 8:32 pm

        Be it in colour or in black and white, it would be cool to see all twelve Catman issues in a volume. Too bad there isn’t a demand for them. Sir Falcon and The Shadow too.

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