Drag Racing Vector Illustration

A client needed artwork for his crew’s t-shirts. I immediately thought of doing it as vector art instead of the more traditional airbrushed style to give us the scalability to put it on the side of their trailer. It also meant we could produce a high-quality item on a trim budget. The client liked the idea, and we were off.

We had good photos to work from.

Weslosky's Funny Car

Weslosky's Funny Car

Weslosky's Funny Car

A layout comp was quickly generated from the images in Photoshop, with type in Illustrator. I printed that off and added sketching elements to work out tones and how everything might work together.

Layout comp

Layout sketch

The first round in Illustrator was about simplifying the car to shapes and planes. Since this was easily-editable vector art, as client feedback was received, we were able to make changes quickly.

Illustration round 1

Illustration round 2

Illustration round 3

The final illustration.

Drag racing vector illustration

Scott Dutton

Scott Dutton is a graphic designer and illustrator with experience in marketing, publishing and information design

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