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      • Ian says:

        Hi, nice covers, good that this area of comics is getting attention. I’m a former collector in the UK with a cherished copy of a comic called Space Nomads Comics #2, published in 1946 by Century Publishing Comics in Toronto. Sadly it has no cover and is sun yellowed, I can find nothing of its history, but there’s just something about it that gets to me. :)

      • Jim B. says:

        Hey Ian –

        Your Space Nomad Comics is by a Canadian comic creator named Edward Letkeman, who was more known for his Zor the Mighty character. The Space Nomads strip originally began in another title, Captain Commando and the Boy Soldiers. This was from a different publisher, F.E. Howard also of Toronto.

        Century Publishing was an imprint of Superior Comics in Toronto. The title was sold in the U.K. in both coverless and with a cover editions. Does yours have a cover on it? Sometimes the U.K. price was just a sticker on the front.

        BTW, a #3 was planned, with some artwork produced, but it seems that it was never published.

        There is a short entry about this artist online at

        If you would like to share your interesting comic with other comic fans I’m sure they would love to have a copy of the cover scan at the Grand Comics Database. Currently they only have an entry for issue #1.

        I hope this gives you some more insight into your cherished comic.

      • Ian says:

        Hi Jim –

        Thanks for the great info. I’ve had it for years and always wondered about its lack of cover – and was going to say in my post that it actually looked like it never had one, but I thought it sounded stupid so didn’t bother. :) What a thing… :) I don’t have a scanner but I’ll see about getting a copy of the cover done and post it. I’m beaming now I finally know. :)

        Thanks again.

      • Len Redenbach says:

        Jim –

        I have six copies of Star Weekly, 28 pages of comics, all 1941 era.

        Tarzan, Superman, Little Orphan Annie, Flash Gordon and others. They’re in excellent condition for their age. Do they have any value to a collector? I am finding it hard to get any information.

        Regards, Len

      • jim b. says:

        Sorry I can’t help you there Len, comic strips (as opposed to books) are a bit out of my field when it comes to any sort of value. If they have some I guess you can study auctions on ebay – is my best advice. Forgive my tardy reply, but I’m just a visitor here at Scott’s website like you.
        ~jim b.

      • Mark S. says:

        Hey Scott, these are amazing! I’ve never actually been able to read a complete issue of any of these Canadian Whites before. Great stuff!

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