John Carter of Mars: 1958 Sun Comic Strip

From 1958, this A Princess of Mars adaptation by DR Morton & Robert Forest was published in Sun Comics from the UK. It has never been shown in colour. So here it is. The source scans are not high res, and I’ve had to make some educated guesses here and there. If you have access to larger copies, let me know by emailing me from the link in the footer.

John Carter of Mars Sun Comic Strip Original

The original strip, courtesy of ERBZine.

Comic Strip Colouring by Scott Dutton

The original strip, coloured.

For the colour version, I wanted it to have a more-accurate title and credits for the people who produced it, so I’ve replaced the credits box with something more appropriate.

October 25, 1958

Comic Strip Colouring by Scott Dutton

November 1, 1958

Comic Strip Colouring by Scott Dutton

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