John Carter of Mars 2 : The Gods of Mars Poster

Many people have talked about what happened with John Carter (of Mars) – the movie – this spring. The film was good, the marketing was weak, and the unfortunate result is that the sequels are very much in doubt.

John Carter 2 The Gods of Mars

John Carter 2 Les Dieux de Mars

John Carter 2 Los Dioses de Marte

The poster above is me hoping the next movie will come to light. The PDF or JPG you can download is 24″ x 36″ at 300dpi, meaning you can take the file to someone capable of printing out images that large and have a poster to pin up on your wall.

Please observe the legalities around the poster :

Design © Scott Dutton, 2012. All rights reserved.
Disney logo, John Carter logotype and Thern medallion are trademarks of The Walt Disney Company. All rights reserved.
John Carter is a trademark of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. All rights reserved.
The poster is provided for personal use only. It may not be reproduced for sale or free distribution. It may not be reproduced in publications or on other websites without written permission.

If you’re interested in the fan movement to keep the John Carter movie franchise alive, here are links to visit.

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Michael Sellers’ The John Carter Files
Jeff Doten’s Barsoomia

John Carter of Mars facebook Page

Comments ( 27 )

                    • diegomom50 says:

                      I really like this poster. The blue is a nice change from all the red. I am so hopeful for sequels. Great job.

                    • Scott Dutton says:

                      Thank you very much. Tell everyone you know that we want more John Carter of Mars movies by Andrew Stanton and company.

                    • Victor of Virginia says:

                      Simply amazing. Let’s keep this going. Touching and deep, the movie was put together nicely, I thought. Only disappointment I had was when I learned I have to wait three years for the next one.

                    • Scott Dutton says:

                      You may have to wait longer for the sequel, Victor. While I was hopeful when I created the poster, it was done to help the fan movement convince Disney it has a winner on its hands, not because they’ve committed to making it yet.

                    • Victor of Virginia says:

                      Aw, if Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief can get a sequel, then so can John Carter. John Carter was by far way more entertaining and mind blowing. Wish I was more than who I am. LOL. This is a story that needs to be told.

                    • Keith says:

                      Maybe it should be “Summer 20??” to eliminate the confusion?
                      Beautiful poster all the same.

                    • Scott Dutton says:

                      Just trying to spur Disney. :-)

                    • abbey says:

                      I really like the story of John Carter and I’m not bored watching it again and again.

                    • Mykhiel says:

                      Hi, I’m a fan of John Carter from the Philippines. John Carter should have a sequel. The story was made intelligently. I really want to see more of that story! Thanks.

                    • John of Virginia says:

                      Nice poster. I wish it would be a sequel. :)

                    • Rodrigo of Virginia says:

                      Beautiful poster… Let’s make something even better.
                      If all fans donate $ 1.00 (one) dollar each we easily raise a good sum of money to help them produce our trilogies. Let’s work this idea I can’t anymore.

                    • Scott Dutton says:

                      Thanks kindly.

                      If you go to John Carter Two, they’re the ones who have organized the fans and have created initiatives to get the sequels made.

                      I won’t be able to help collect money here. 😉

                    • Vadim says:

                      I would love to see what happened to John after he went back to Barsoom. Would pay top dollar for it too. I think the first movie was great and the ending leaves u to hope for more. Saw that movie may be 10 times already can’t get sick of it. Great movie overall hopefully the second part will be even better.

                    • Gavin C. says:

                      Bada** poster! Just to let you know, I’ve already making a fanfic sequel to John Carter just to convince Andrew Stanton and the company to make. My own story of the sequel has an expanded role of Dejah Thoris and there is a lot of screentime with John Carter, Tars Tarkas and the Therns of Barsoom along with Matai Shang, which will hopefully appear in the later chapters. It also has snippets of dialogue from the book and it’s a lot more faithful. Let’s hope Stanton can make those parts into the film. What do you think?

                    • Scott Dutton says:

                      I have no idea if another film will get made. I hope Stanton does get the chance.

                      Thanks for the compliment and I hope your project goes well.

                    • Jose Jiminez says:

                      Love the movie. Hardly can’t wait for the second part. Seen the first one around 5 times, and still great. Cheers.

                    • Sherrie Thompson says:

                      Lovely poster…
                      The jewel in blue background reminds me of Dejah Thoris and John’s discovery of the caves at the end of the River Iss. It gives you a feeling of the mysteries that await…
                      Definitely the sequel poster…
                      Ayekoo… “well done” from Ghana,West Africa
                      Hey maybe we can do some Mars scenes over here…

                    • Pete says:

                      There should be an apostrophe after “Burroughs.”

                    • Scott Dutton says:

                      It can be read both ways, and in this case it’s cleaner for the design to leave it out.

                    • Laszlo Schlingloff says:

                      Hi, I’m a 26 year old man, born and raised in the circus. I recently bought a copy of John Carter from the supermarket, brought it home and watched it twice in a row! Now as soon as our shows finish I go back to my wagon and put it on again! 😀 PLEASE TELL ME THAT THEY WILL MAKE A PART 2!? Also I love the poster too. Many thanks….. Laszlo

                    • Scott Dutton says:

                      Well, unfortunately, Disney’s execs are acting like clowns and they’re treating us like rubes, so who knows if we’ll get John Carter of Mars 2?

                    • Laszlo Schlingloff says:

                      That’s a major shame! :-( well I like that idea of donating £1 each…. God bless and keep up the good work! 😀

                    • Scott Dutton says:

                      If you’d like to help or donate, check out the Back to Barsoom links above. They’re the team that have organised and gotten the attention of the decision makers.

                    • J. Javi says:

                      I first saw John Carter while deployed in AFG. I love the movie, choices in the actors and think it was very well done. I’ve watched it many many times and really hope that Disney understands that it has a real hit on its hands if we can get a fire going for a sequel. I hope that they will make it soon, perhaps even a re-release of JC of Mars in iMax 3D only to generate fan fare once again for another installment. Bring it out for the holidays when lots of people have free time on their hands.

                    • Mung says:

                      Hi… I love watching John Carter. When will the sequel for John Carter will be released? Can’t wait to see John Carter 2.

                    • Scott Dutton says:

                      At this point, it looks like we will not see another John Carter of Mars movie from Disney. Perhaps another company will do better once Disney’s option expires. But do check out the links above to the sequel campaign. They have the most up-to-date info on where things are heading.

                    • sarah jahnke says:

                      Please make a part two. I love this movie.

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