Star-Lord by Byrne & Austin

Back in 1976, Marv Wolfman – then editor-in-chief for Marvel Comics – came up with the name Star-Lord and passed it on to writer Steve Englehart to flesh it out. The result appeared in Marvel Preview #4, January 1976.

His second appearance came in Marvel Preview #11, Summer 1977, again written by Englehart, and drawn by two guys just starting out: John Byrne and Terry Austin. That story is arguably why readers remembered Star-Lord as fondly as they did before 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy film.

This piece was the opening page from the story.

Star-Lord by John Byrne and Terry Austin

As published.

Star-Lord by John Byrne and Terry Austin

Scan from Heritage Auctions.

Star-Lord by John Byrne and Terry Austin

Production ready.

Vector art by Scott Dutton

With trade dress added.

Colour by Scott Dutton

Colour version.

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