The Silver Surfer by John Buscema

I ran across a really grotty copy of the late John Buscema’s pencils for this page from The Silver Surfer v3 No. 110. Detailed below are the steps from inks to layout to turn it into a cover.

Silver Surfer by John Busema

As published, with inks by Geof Isherwood.

Silver Surfer by John Busema

Very bad scan of a photocopy of Buscema’s pencils found on the web.

Silver Surfer by John Busema

Pumped up the contrast, straightened up the edges and removed as much distortion as possible. Printed off as bluelines onto bristol.

Pencils by Scott Dutton

Worked up the pencils to get the feel for Buscema’s work.

Inks by Scott Dutton


Colour by Scott Dutton


Logos by Scott Dutton

Formatted for the cover with trade dress added.

Cover layout by Scott Dutton

Final cover.

Catspaw Dynamics Comic Book Art Production Services

Scott Dutton

Scott Dutton is an art director, designer and illustrator whose career bridges digital and print in marketing, branding and publishing

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