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The New Teen Titans No. 1 Alternate Cover by George Pérez

The New Teen Titans No. 1 Alternate Cover by George PérezMay 12, 2022|In Comics, DC In 1980 I was in my first years of regularly collecting and then as now DC's books drew me more than Marvel's (plus I was picking up books available on the emerging direct market). I saw the New Teen Titans first appearance in DC Comics Presents No. 26 not…


I started out wanting to be a comic book artist, and while I had some work published, it was the training I received in art school that formed the basis for a career as a designer and illustrator, eventually moving up into art and creative direction roles.

It’s been 30 years now, full of ups and downs, and times when I thought I was done. But I’m still here, and practising my craft is central to my life. Here’s a link to my client portfolio site if you’re interested in the work I’ve done for individuals, companies and corporations. What you’ll find on this site, though, is the passion I still have for comics, books and pop culture. Some of the work I’ve been paid for. Much of it is about honing my skills and remembering why I wanted to do this stuff in the first place.

Like what you see and want to hire me? I’m all ears. I don’t do freebies, people die of exposure, and I know what the work is worth.

Enjoy the website.

Scott Dutton