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Time Warp No. 1 Cover by Michael Wm Kaluta

Time Warp No. 1 Cover by Michael Wm KalutaJune 12, 2022|In Comics, DC, Sci Fi It was this comic from the summer of 1979 with my 14th birthday approaching that sent me over the edge. As my paperboy income increased, my comic book buying increased. DC was on the move again having recovered from the Implosion of two years earlier and their penchant…


I started out wanting to be a comic book artist, and while I had some work published, it was the training I received in art school that formed the basis for a career as a designer and illustrator, eventually moving up into art and creative direction roles.

It’s been 30 years now, full of ups and downs, and times when I thought I was done. But I’m still here, and practising my craft is central to my life. Here’s a link to my client portfolio site if you’re interested in the work I’ve done for individuals, companies and corporations. What you’ll find on this site, though, is the passion I still have for comics, books and pop culture. Some of the work I’ve been paid for. Much of it is about honing my skills and remembering why I wanted to do this stuff in the first place.

Like what you see and want to hire me? I’m all ears. I don’t do freebies, people die of exposure, and I know what the work is worth.

Enjoy the website.

Scott Dutton