Advanced WP File Manager : Hiding .tmb Directories

If you’re using the Advanced WP File Manager 2.x WordPress plugin from RedHawk Studio – available through Code Canyon – you may have found .tmb directories showing up. This can be confusing to you and your clients.

There is a fix out there. If you’re a programmer, you were probably able to insert the code into the connector.php file without much fuss. Not everyone’s a programmer, though, and the fix leaves out a small detail that will cause your site to not load and throw up a PHP error if it isn’t included.

It was a comma and it took me a while to figure it out. I would save you the time. Download the zip file below and unpack it. Inside is a replacement connector.php file. Open up the plugin’s folder on your server (you can figure that one out on your own), swap in the new file and you’re done.

Connector TMB Fix · ZIP
1 KB