Batman Year One

From 1986, this house ad was the first piece we saw from what was going to become a classic Batman storyline by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli.

In the wake of Crisis on Infinite Earths and Miller’s The Dark Knight, DC wanted a tougher, grittier Batman in his ongoing titles. They tapped Miller and Mazzucchelli after their just-completed Born Again storyline for Marvel’s Daredevil.

Year One is still an important part of Batman’s mythos today.

Wonder Woman DC Comics House Ad

Scan of the original art.

Batman Year One by David Mazzucchelli

Re-created black & white ad.

Batman Year One by David Mazzucchelli

Original colour re-created.

Colour and logos by Scott Dutton

A cover with one of my favourite Batman logos. It first appeared on No. 220.

Colour and logos by Scott Dutton

Second cover version.

Colour and logos by Scott Dutton

Third cover version.

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