Dynamo No. 3 Cover by Wally Wood

Tower Comics was a short-lived American comic book publisher that was an imprint of Tower Books. Wally Wood's T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents was the forefront super-hero property.

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BEM No. 28 Cover by Brian Bolland

BEM – or Bemusing Magazine was a British comics fanzine of the 1970s and 80s, and I've had a scan of this cover in my files for a bit, meaning to do a new colour version.

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Hot Box by Jack Kirby

Foxhole was a Joe Simon & Jack Kirby Studio-produced comic from 1954 published originally under the Mainline imprint, with stories told from the soldiers' perspective.

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Rex Morgan MD by Bradley and Edgington

Rex Morgan MD is a long-running story strip that is still published today, and is currently written and drawn by Terry Beatty, co-creator of Ms. Tree, Wild Dog and other comic book creations.

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Night Fighter and Sky Giant by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created Captain America for Timely Comics (later to become Atlas and finally Marvel Comics), and in the post-war period continued to create comics for their own publishing ventures as well as other publishers.

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Flash Gordon by Jim Keefe

From 1996 to 2003, Jim Keefe was the writer/artist of the Flash Gordon comic strip, the last in a long line of great cartoonists on one of King Features' most prestigious strips. It's a testament to his work that it remains in circulation on for today's audience.

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The Mechanoid Associates by Paul Gillon

The world was different in the early 80s. No internet meant limited paths to new information. And for me as a teenager living in a small Canadian town, we were even more isolated from the dynamism of large cities. So when I discovered that Heavy Metal magazine existed on the newsstand, it was my first exposure to European comics and their creators, as well as some of the most progressive North Americans: Jean 'Mœbius' Giraud, Enki Bilal, Caza, Philippe Druillet, Richard Corben, Howard Chaykin and many more.

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Claw New Colour

The Case for New Comic Book Colouring Directions

This comes up every time we talk about reprints and collected editions:

Should original colour separations be used, or should the colour be updated to take advantage of improved production and reproduction methods?

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Phantom Joan Boix Colour 1 Og

Chronicle Chamber's Phundraiser for the Australian Bushfire Appeal Comic

Created by Lee Falk in 1936, and joined by a succession of artists beginning with Ray Moore, The Phantom comic strip continues to this day. The character has enjoyed a large international following, and new comic books are published in Sweden by Egmont and in Australia by Frew.

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The Last Action Hero No. 1 Cover by Jerome K Moore

1993 brought the Arnold Schwarzenegger action-comedy The Last Action Hero to the summer viewing season. Plans were made to have the movie adapted into comic book form at Topps, and Jerome K Moore was attached as the artist.

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Starslayer 1 OG

Starslayer No. 1 by Mike Grell

Mike Grell spent the 1970s at DC Comics drawing Aquaman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, The Legion of Super-Heroes and his own creation, The Warlord. As the 80s opened, he entered the growing direct market with another creation: Starslayer. Published by Pacific Comics, Grell wrote, drew – and likely lettered – the first issue. Original colour was by Steve Oliff, one of North America's best of his era.

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Justice Machine No 1 Cover OG

Justice Machine No. 1 Cover by Byrne & Gustovich

Looking through my files, I never got around to posting this colouring piece for whatever reason, originally done the better part of five years ago. Seeing Mike Gustovich on facebook twigged my memory, and so here it is now updated and polished.

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Nexus by Steve Rude OG

Nexus by Baron & Rude

I've been following Nexus since the beginning, so when Steve Rude put out the call for a colourist a few years back, I threw my hat in the ring by colouring the provided sample page.

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Rubén Meriggi Page Colour OG

Fantasy Art by Rubén Meriggi

Rubén Meriggi is an Argentinian comic book artist that I came across through mutual acquaintances on facebook. I like his bold and disciplined linework.

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2000AD 17 Open Graph

2000 AD Prog 17 Cover by Brian Bolland

2000 AD is a powerhouse of British comics in stories, characters and the talent it showcases in its pages. Future Shocks, Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog and Halo Jones are just some of its output that reached across the Atlantic and had a tremendous influence.

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Giant Size Geek Banner OG

Giant-Size Blog Headers

Online friend Richard Guion (aka Cousin Dick) was kind enough to give this site a couple of plugs on his blogs Giant-Size Marvel and Giant-Size Geek, and I returned the favour by making new blog headers.

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John Carter of Mars Sun Comic Strip OG

John Carter of Mars: 1958 Sun Comic Strip

From 1958, this A Princess of Mars adaptation by DR Morton & Robert Forest was published in The Sun from the UK. It has never been shown in colour.

Five years ago, when this was first posted, the tools were what they were, and my skills weren't what they are now. Improvements in scaling algorithms have allowed me to up-res the low res scans without loss in quality, which really helps Forest's ink hatching to maintain its clarity.

It didn't make much sense to try to enlarge lettering which had already been rendered rough by being a scan of an old newspaper, so the art was cleaned up with panel borders redrawn and lettering redone for clarity.

And, of course, new colour to finish the job.
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Jackys Diary Cover OG

Jacky's Diary

Jacky's Diary is a fondly-remembered strip by Jack Mendelsohn. And it's been given the package treatment by Yoe Books. Cover colour by me.

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Comics Code Authority OG

The Comics Code Authority

Back in the mid part of the 20th century, the United States lost its collective mind. They had won the Second World War and were nervous about being leaders of the world. Fear set in. Fear of all threats, internal and external.

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Tarzan 2552 Kane 800210 OG

Tarzan Sunday Comic Strips by Goodwin & Kane

Tarzan has been a mainstay of the Sunday comics page since the 1930s and the work of Hal Foster. Notable artists over the following decades include Burne Hogarth and Russ Manning. I came along in the late 70s, enjoying the work of Gil Kane and later Mike Grell and Gray Morrow, artists I was familiar with from comic books.

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Nelvana of the North OG

Nelvana of the North : Then and Now

Recently, I was asked to quote on restoring Nelvana of the North, an important Canadian-made comic from the Second World War era. While the people in charge chose to go down a different path, here's how I would have done it.

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John Carter Of Mars Gold Key OG

John Carter of Mars by Francesco Francavilla

Francesco Francavilla makes great comic book art. He did this one back in 2010 for his Pulp Sunday blog. His subtle colour palette brings out the gritty pulp feel he was going for. He'd been inspired by Gold Key's Korak, Son of Tarzan comics of the late 60s. So here it is with those elements reconstructed and some more of my comic colouring.

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Ms Tree Substance OG

Ms. Tree by Collins & Beatty

Ms. Tree is the longest-running private eye series in American comics. Created by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty, the character first appeared in 1981. Here's a house ad for the book from Renegade Press, 1986, with freshly-applied colour.

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Waterworks Chevrolet Suburban OG

The 1946 Chevrolet Suburban Calgary Police Paddy Wagon

Back in the summer of 1988 or 1989, there was a music festival on Prince's Island Park in Calgary. The police had brought out their vintage paddy wagon and in those pre-internet days, I had never seen anything like it before. I took a number of photos of it.

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Bernie Wrightson Colour the Creature OG

Colouring Bernie Wrightson Monsters

The late Bernie Wrightson is one of those ink artists that just dazzles with his work. From composition to lighting to his glee in creating scenes of horror, they're images that reward the viewer as you follow every line.

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Atomic Robo In The Lab OG

Atomic Robo : In the Lab

Atomic Robo is a great comic series published by Red 5 Comics out of Calgary. They have a few graphic novels out now. All are witty and fun, and deeper than they appear on the surface.

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Craftint Duotone Tones OG

Craftint and Duoshade Tones in Photoshop

Craftint doubletone paper (DuoShade is another brand) is one of those things an ink illustrator had in their toolbox before the advent of the digital toolset or even rubdown tone systems like Zip-a-Tone. It wasn't cheap and it gradually fell out of use.

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