John Carter of Mars: Disney’s Mars and Beyond

Long before Andrew Stanton got the green light to make John Carter (of Mars) for Disney, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars was included in Mars and Beyond, aired as a Tomorrow Land episode of Disneyland on December 4, 1957.

Walt Disney gave top animator Ward Kimball the job of creating a series of scientifically-accurate colour shorts about space exploration. In Mars and Beyond, he took the time to talk about the fascination with Mars and the fictions that had been created about it before moving on to what America could do with the coming space program.

The Burroughs section shows depictions of Barsoomian creatures, accompanied by humourous narration, all of which are shown below.

The episode was collected on DVD in 2004 in the Walt Disney Treasures Tomorrow Land set.

Disney Mars And Beyond 1

Edgar Rice Burroughs supplied his readers with a complete Martian dictionary.

Disney Mars And Beyond 2

Disney Mars And Beyond 3

Barsoomian: Warlike people of Mars. Human bipeds with variegated colour characteristics.

Disney Mars And Beyond 4

Banth: Martian lion. Dwells in dead sea areas. Is carnivorous. Has ten legs.

Disney Mars And Beyond 5

Disney Mars And Beyond 6

Disney Mars And Beyond 7

Calot: A pony-sized Martian dog with a frog-like head.

Disney Mars And Beyond 8

Disney Mars And Beyond 9

Disney Mars And Beyond 10

Thoat: A dog-sized Martian horse with about eight legs.

Disney Mars And Beyond 11

Disney Mars And Beyond 12

Disney Mars And Beyond 13

Disney Mars And Beyond 14

Martian Plant Man: Half human. Half plant. Ten feet tall. Has one white-ringed, protruding eye.

Disney Mars And Beyond 15

Return to Barsoom Banner by Scott Dutton


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