Marvel Comics Giant-Size Cover Template

I’ve rebuilt and coloured a lot of vintage comic book covers. Now, it’s your turn. Here’s a template for Marvel’s Giant-Size comics of the mid 1970s. I’d love to see what you create in the comments below.

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Marvel Giant-Size Cover Template

Note: For non-commercial, personal use only. Sized to fit 11″ x 17″ paper. Print at 100%.

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Wizard No. 10 Cover by Rob Liefeld

Rob Liefeld had started at DC, then moved on to Marvel where he co-created characters like Cable and became one of their most-popular artists. In…

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Wolverine 10 OG

Wolverine No. 10 Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

By 1989, Bill Sienkiewicz had cemented his place in comics as a creator to be watched. With early work on Moon Knight, moving on to The New Mutants,…

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Foom 9 OG

FOOM No. 9 Cover by Jim Starlin

Here's another cover to FOOM, Marvel's 1970s fan magazine. Jim Starlin was making waves at Marvel as a writer and artist with a strong interest and…

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