Star Trek DC v2 No. 16 Cover by Jerome K Moore

Star Trek has supported a number of comic book series, almost from the beginning of the original series. Gold Key, then Marvel had the licence, but it wasn’t until it landed at DC Comics that the property found its footing and enjoyed longer runs. A return to Marvel in the 90s was short lived, and IDW has been steadily producing quality series for a number of years now.

But back to DC. When they got to volume 2 of Star Trek, they had a young, new artist that could capture the spirit of the TV shows and movies with photorealistic accuracy. Since that time, Jerome K Moore has branched out into animation character design and other areas with continued success.

Here’s one of his best covers. Newly coloured, and with a number of the different publishers’ trade dress applied.

Star Trek DC v2 16

As published

Star Trek Art by Jerome K Moore

Scan of the original art courtesy of Jerome K Moore

Comic book colouring by Scott Dutton

New colour by me

Star Trek DC Trade Dress

Updated DC trade dress

Star Trek CBS Trade Dress

CBS original series trade dress

Star Trek Marvel 90s Trade Dress

1990s Marvel trade dress

Star Trek Marvel 70s Trade Dress

1970s Marvel trade dress

Star Trek DC v2 16

Gold Key trade dress

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