Time Warp No. 5 Cover by Michael Wm Kaluta

Time Warp was a science fiction anthology series published by DC Comics in 1979 and 80. Each 64-page issue had stories by seasoned pros and newcomers alike, and we can all wish that anthology books were still a regular staple in comics today. All five issues had fantastic covers by Michael Wm Kaluta, including this one for No. 5, July 1980.

Here it is with new colour.

Time Warp 5 Cover by Michael Wm Kaluta

As published. Colour by Tatjana Wood. Time Warp logo by Todd Klein.

Time Warp 5 Cover by Michael Wm Kaluta

Scan of the original art.

Comic book art restoration by Scott Dutton

Cleaned-up art.

Comic book logos and lettering by Scott Dutton

Rebuilt trade dress – logos and type – added.

Comic book colouring by Scott Dutton

Final cover.

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