Wolverine No. 10 Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

By 1989, Bill Sienkiewicz had cemented his place in comics as a creator to be watched. With early work on Moon Knight, moving on to The New Mutants, a great Dune movie adaptation, and stunning painted and collage work on Elektra: Assassin.

He was then – and remains now – an in-demand cover artist, including this Wolverine cover from early in the book’s run. New colour by me.

Wolverine 10 0

As published

Wolverine 10 1

Scan from Heritage Auctions

Wolverine 10 2

Cleaned-up art, though with all Sienkiewicz’s sproinks and splats, figuring out what is dirt and dust is problematic at best 😉

Wolverine 10 3

New colour

Wolverine 10 4

Re-created trade dress added

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