Wonder Woman by HG Peter

HG Peter was Wonder Woman’s original artist, and this piece by him was a rejected cover from the 1940s. A perfect illustration to colour and package. A lost gem is rediscovered.

Wonder Woman by HG Peter

Scan from Heritage Auctions.

Wonder Woman by HG Peter

Production ready.

Logos and typography by Scott Dutton

New colour and background added.

Colouring by Scott Dutton

New and re-created trade dress added. The Black Canary head is by Carmine Infantino from an unpublished Golden Age story.


Wonder Woman HG Peter First Sketches

The beginnings of Wonder Woman. The first sketches by HG Peter as he and William Moulton Marston worked out her look and costume details. The notes read:

“Dear Doctor Marston. I slapped these two out in a hurry. The eagle is tough to handle – when in perspective or in profile, he doesn’t show up clearly – the shoes look like a stenographer’s. I think the idea might be incorporated as a sort of Roman contraption (indicates filled in boot on left illustration). Peter.”

“Dear Pete – I think the gal with hand up is very cute. I like her skirt, legs, hair. Bracelets okay + boots (indicates filled in boot on left illustration). These probably will work out. See other suggestions enclosed. No on these (indicates open sandal on right illustration) + See suggestions enclosed for eagle + braziers I suggest may work better in curved or slanting stripes – red + white + With eagle’s wing above or below breasts as per enclosed? Leave it to you. Don’t we have to put a red stripe around her waist as belt? I thought Gaines wanted it – don’t remember. Circlet will have to go higher – more like crown – see suggestions enclosed. See you Wednesday morning – WMM.”

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